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The Sultan’s Swing

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The Sultan’s Swing


Product Description

‘Metamorphosis’ has been crafted by London based multi talented musician Tom Funk under the name of The Sultan’s Swing. The album is a collection of smooth grooved jazz which nods to the past but lays very much in the present. ‘Black caterpillar’ opens the album with an addictive hook supplemented by  warm keys with subtle vibes helping to set the jazzed tone. The scene is maintained with the mysterious ‘Silver Screen’ which conjures up a journey of intrigue and ‘Dawn & Darkness’ provides thought provoking soundscapes.  Tom’s piano comes to the fore again with the inspirational ‘Thinking Back.’ Side A closes with the uptemo ‘Spiral,’ which has the quality to fill discerning dancefloors across the globe. Flip the album over and we got more of the same quality and class. ‘Boss Blue’ jams away with a life of a Brazilian Festa Junina.  ‘Inner Flame’ provides a gentle interlude before ‘Star Tumble’ melts away inside you with it’s subtle grooves and moves. The penultimate song ‘What’s Right and Left’ downs the tempo yet maintains the luscious tones of the rest of the album. The album closes with a return to a more traditional jazz of ‘White Butterfly.’

All in all this a marvelous debut album The Sultan’s Swing and we look forward to hearing further soundscapes from Tom in the future.

A1 – Black Caterpillar A2 – Silver Screen A3 – Dawn & Darkness A4 – Thinking Back A5 – Spiral

B1 – Bossa Blue B2 – Inner Flame – B3 – Stars Tumble Down B4 – What’s Right & Left B5 – White Butterfly



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