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Rain&Shine proudly present ENERGIZE, a band out of Marin County, California in 1979. Previously unobtainable even for top DJs due to rarity, Rain&Shine gives this double A side modern soul/disco 45 an official re-issue treatment. About ENERGIZE (words by Dan Hays – Guitarist, Songwriter):

ENERGIZE came to age in a post-hippie era, where musicians went back to playing covers in bars. However Marin was still inexpensive and it was possible to pool money together to buy studio time.

That’s how ENERGIZE formed – working musicians led by the superb producer and guitar player, Archie Williams (son of Archie Williams Sr – a passionate educator, WWII air force pilot and 1936 Olympic champion) Dan Hayes – songwriter and guitarist, and John Isabeau – lyrics and our executive producer.

John is now a successful Hollywood producer, Oscar documentary award winner, and resides in James Brown’s former house in Las Vegas.

The record also features a hugely successful blues vocalist who has asks to remain uncredited. Archie, John and I now have grown children and a few grandkids as well and getting a kick that 40 years later, our self-produced record has found an audience. Far Out.

A – Piece Of Class

B – Star Of The Disco



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