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DJ Khalab

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DJ Khalab


Product Description

DJ Khalab and On The Corner is a match made in heaven for lovers of quality music. The first ep of the marriage hits home hard with DJ Khalab delivering heavyweight cuts with his distinctive modern day twist on African music. ‘Night In The Jungle’ brings the vibes to the party with snarling hats, mangled off kilter beats and a discerning series of chants. The electro charged ‘Zaire’ leads at a frantic pace with a consistent percussion drive, mangled charming vocals and a melody that hits home hard. Will LV’s remix of ‘Zaire’ keeps the tempo up and drills the hooks for maximum effect. On the flip we have the third of DJ Khalab’s production as B1 which is again fast and furious which confirms his place up there as one of the best modern day producers of African music. Peckham boy Medlar take on ‘Zaire’ opts for an 80s early electro vibe with it’s 808 beats leading the way. This is a great EP and one not to be missed.

A1 – Night In The Jungle A2 – Zaire A3 – Zaire (Will LV Remix)

B1 – Aeh B2 – Zaire (Medlar Remix)



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