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Africaine 808

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Africaine 808


Product Description

Africaine 808 debut album delivers a high octane beats, bass and bleeps package for those like that a twist from the left side. Side A with it’s choice 3 cuts bring forth the bass as the main feature of each song. Whilst on the flip the exotic beats of ‘Nation’ take us an epic journey to the far east. The beats are dropped with ‘Ready For Something,’ before the album title track ‘Basar’ closes Side B off with it’s Detroit chords proudly over riding the sharp beats. The second slab of vinyl opens with ‘Rhythm Is All That You Can’ and is the killer cut from the album for us in the shop with it’s NYC afro punk funk groove. The tempo is raised with ‘Crawfish Got Soul’ and maintained with further exotic eastern grooves of ‘Balla Balla.’ ‘Fallen From The Stars’ on Side D is a sprightly techno affair and the album closes with the gospel praise of ‘The Lord Is A Women.’ This is a biggie in the shop and we salute Africaine 808 and Golf Channel for releasing such a strong album full of variety and class.

A1 – The Awakening A2 – Ngoni A3 – Language Of The Bass

B1 – Nation B2 – Ready For Something New B3 – Basar

C1 – Rhythm Is All That You Can Dance C2 – Crawfish Got Soul C3 – Balla Balla

D1 – Yes We Can’t D2 – Fallen From The Stars D3 – The Lord Is A Woman





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