50) Cool Creations Of St – Maarten – Wish Upon Love (Athens Of The North) 7″

Athens Of The North have supplied us with some amazing releases this year with some killer slabs such as Weldon Irvine, Underground Resurrection, Sage, Formula 1, La Mont Zeno Theatre and The Tonistics. Cool Creations of St-Maarten has been a steady feature on the in-store system.


49) Lamar Thomas – Feels So Good Inside (Favorite) 12″

New York singer/songwriter Lamar Thomas originally released ‘Feels So Good Inside’ on MCA as a 7″ in 1980. Our French friends Favorite Recordings gave the song a re-rub from Waxist Selecta earlier this year which has proved to be a big seller in the shop.


48) Various – Raw Axes (AOW004) 12″

Axe On Wax are slowly building themselves up as a steady go to label for quality chunky house beats and their ‘Raw Axes EP’ flew out of our door.


47) Gil Scot Heron/Bob Marley – Angola Louisiana/Concrete Jungle (Pantone Music) 12″

DJK manages to do the unthinkable with re-editing Gil Scot Heron’s ‘Angola Louisiana’ into a monster jam that packs enough weight to destroy dance floors. A massive thumbs up once the re-press became available again.


46) Toby Tobias – Rising Son (Delusions Of Grandeur) 2xLP

It’s taken 7 years for the ‘Rising Son’ to follow up his debut album in 2008 and we were happy to see this finally land recently. Toby has pulled together all the creative juices of his musical tastes and provided us with a strong seller for the shop.

12inch sleeve with 5mm spine VNL_12SP5 DOGLP05 NoGrid

45) Inflagranti – Double Talk (Codek Europe) 12″

A modern day Nu-Disco bomb that glides effortlessly. Copies came in the shop and flew out the door as soon as quick as you like.


44) The Edge Of Daybreak – Eyes Of Love (Numero) LP

A constant feature on the Love Vinyl system once the re-press arrived in the shop. This album comes with a great die cut sleeve and proves that prisoners have souls too. A killer re-press.


43) Fabio Monesi – The Deeper Side Of London EP Part 1 (Wilson Records) 12″

Wilson Records provided some choice cuts for 2015 and this one sold well in the shop. This is the right blend of analog and computers which strikes a chord with it’s authentic take on of classic house and techno.


42) Santiago Salazar – Chicanismo (Love What You Feel) 2xLP

Underground Resistance member Santiago nailed a strong debut album release after a string of effortless 12″s over the years. ‘Chicanismo’ provided us with a concoction of high quality house and techno cuts. This comes highly recommended.


41) Matthew Halsall – Into Forever (Gondwana) LP

Matthew’s ‘Fletcher Moss Park’ was a strong seller for the shop this year and we were more than happy to receive copy of 2015’s ‘Into Forever’ in recent months. This is a top quality modern day jazz themed heavyweight vinyl collection.

Into Forever - Matthew Halsall The Gondwana Orchestra