50) Motor City Drum Ensemble (Dekmantel) 2xLP

Shop friend and favorite Danilo compiled the first of the Selectors series for Dekmantel, which featured a collection of house, disco and boogie bombs for our pleasure. It proved to be a popular seller within the shop for whenever we could get copies due to its global popularity.


49) Arsivplak – Moog Edits (Arsivplak) LP

The mysterious Arsivplak compilation come from nowhere but proved to be an instant hit within the shop and for our customers. This Turkish collection of Disco, Folk, Psych, Funk, Soul and Pop with Mogg Edits by Arsivplak is a beautiful collection of eastern promise.


48) Melvin Sparks – If You Want My Love (Rocafort) 7″

American jazz guitarist Melvin Sparks released a series of albums throughout mainly the 70s and his ’75 album featured two hot cuts that Rocafort resurrected in 2016 on 7″ vinyl for us all to enjoy. ‘If You Want My Love’ is a glorious stepper that was a popular force within the shop this year.


47) Bourgie Bourgie – John Davis (Nurvous) 12″

LLV cam do no wrong in recent years and this retouch up of ‘Bourgie Bourgie’ deserves its chart position due to sales and also the ability to give sparkle to a song that’s already a classic.


46) Difusion Edits (Difusion) 12″

The inaugural release on fledgling label ‘Difusion’ was a collection of soulful edits that managed to dazzle our customers and was a popular feature on the shops turntable. We look forward to the second installment from the label in 2017.


45) Roy Ayers – Funk In The Hole (Mukatsuku) 7″

One of London’s leading labels is surely Mukatsuku with it’s constant release stream of forgotten disco, jazz, soul, funk and afro bombs. The label partnered with BBE to release for the first time on 7″ the popular ‘Funk In The Hole’ on 7″.


44) Alton Miller – More Positive Things (Adeen) 12″

This Japanese release by Detroit legend came from nowhere and worked some magic in the shop with it’s soulful up tempo vibe and a smooth gliding vocal from Niki O. Our friend Spinna sparkled some of his magic touch with a rub on the flip. We look forward to more positive things from Alton during 2017.


43) Lady Wray – Do It Again (Big Crown) 7″

The diminutive Lady from Salinas, California served up this hot wax earlier in the way and it instantly became a shop favorite. ‘Do It Again’ manages to capture the vibes of late 60s soul but within a modern way. We were lucky to capture Lady Wray live recently and she smashed her way through a live set. This is one hot record!


42) Kaidi Tatham – The Extrovert City (2000 Black) 12″

2000 Black and Kaidi delivered the vibes with ‘The Extrovert City’ which sold well within the shop upon release and was popular with the heads of the shop key holders. We look forward to more releases from 2000 Black in 2017.


41) Andres – Mighty Tribe (La Vida) 12″

Andres can’t do no wrong and this collection of jams was a hot one for us in 2016. ‘Mighty Tribe’ flows the vibe with an Earth, Wind and Fire inspiration, but ‘Pluck Away’ was our pick from the 12″.