40) Disco Halal Volume 3 (Disco Halal) 12″

Disco Halal served up three prime platters of wax during their first year of existence this year. We’ve chosen Volume Two as the pick of the first three releases because it’s been the strongest seller in the shop and that’s not to say that the other two are weaker. If you’re looking for some exotic Middle Eastern sounds with a twist then this label is one to check out.



39) 3 Winans Brothers featuring the Clark Sisters – Dance (Vega Records) 12″

Louie Vega came out all blazin’ during 2015 and released an avalanche of essential 12″ singles from his forthcoming album ‘Louie Vega Starring….28 Artists, 28 Songs.’ Each single released has demonstrated that quality soulful house can sell on vinyl. This for us was a sure fire winner once we heard it on the shop’s system.


38) Alice Clark – Don’t You Care/Never Did I Stop Loving You (Mainstream/GBP Records) 7″

Alice Clark’s perennial favourites ‘Don’t You Care’ and ‘Never Did I Stop Loving You’ both featured on a smashing double header from our friends at Ace Records this year. The travesty of only ever releasing one studio album in 1972 on Mainstream seems like an ever repeating theme for many great singers of those times. This is one release we’ll never tire of.


37) Moton Records Inc Presents Joe’s Bakery (Moton) 12″

This strong 4 track EP kept us warm during the very beginning of the year with it’s summer sounds made for relaxing in a warm climate on a deck chair whilst supping on a Mojito without any cares in the world. Joe’s Bakery are ones to keep an eye on in 2016.


36) M5K – Marcy Ave (Voyage) 12″

Andy Hart’s Voyage Recordings has proved to be a steady supplier of winners since its conception in 2014. ‘Marcy Ave’ proved to be a steady strong seller on the shop’s new counter with it’s blend of classic sounds and futuristic boogie.


35) Dessert Island Discs 17 (Dessert Island Discs) 12″

One of the shop’s highlight of the year was the slamming in-store from Chi legend Rahaan in September, which demonstrated that killer disco grooves on a great system, with a friendly crowd and a conveniently placed off license next door is a sure fire winner for vinyl lovers. This came in the shop and flew out the door very quickly. We’re hoping that a re-press lands soon.


34) La Mont Zeno Theatre – Black Fairy (Athens Of The North) LP

We’re grateful for all the fantastic labels that help us to appreciate many lost gems. This album proved to be a winner in the shop with it’s combination of spoken word with subtle soul sizzlers. Athens Of the North doin’ the do once again.


33) Tom McConnell – Mod Six (Modernista) 12″

We’ve been following this label since it’s first release in 2012 by Paul Bennett. It’s fair to say that their output hasn’t been the most prolific since it’s conception, but the one thing that’s stayed evident with each release is that the quality is always set very high by the label owners. Mod Six saw the introduction to the aural world of Tom McConnell. It’s fair to say that this boy has talent.


32) Universal Togetherness Band (Numero) LP

Numero gave the world in 2015 a collection of unreleased works from Chicago based band UTB. The recordings had been made between 1979-82 and had been long forgotten by the band members until Numero came knocking on their door. This album captured our imagination with it’s subtle under produced but well written gems.


31) Rim Kwaku Obeng – Rim Arrives (BBE) 2xLP

We’re always stunned when we hear exceptional pieces of work and this album was no different. We’re thankful that Rim was tracked down to his New Jersey home and agreed to work with BBE on the re-press of this masterwork. Simply divine.