10) Arnold Blair – Finally Made It Home (Super Disco Edits) 7″

Thanks to a right Paine this sublime 70s shuffler ‘Finally Made It Home’  on 7″ this year after originally being recorded along with the anthem ‘Trying to Get Next To You.’ The 7″ also received a re-press thanks to the wisdom of the Man Mr Leroy Hutson.


9) Jacob Mafuleni & Gary Gritness – Atuka Mhondoro 808 (Nyami Nyami) 12″

The bass and 808 grooves of Gary combined with the Mbira maestro Jacob produced this modern day African bomb that provides the perfect blend for our shop customers.


8) Mr Fingers – Outer Acid (Alleviated) 12″

Larry Heard can do no wrong and 2016 saw this popular release fly our the door extremely fast. ‘Qwazars’ was the leading cut that was a regular feature on the shops turntables with it’s futuristic arpeggiators gliding effortlessly underneath snapping beats.


7) Byron The Aquarius – High Life ep (Sound Signature) 12″

Byron is the keyboard wizard that delivers the goods with great aplomb. This release on Theo’s label is a modern day jazz classic for those that like to get down.


6) Glenn Underground – Contact (Deep Arts) 12″

Our house cut of the year is this monster release by GU on Deep Arts. The Dub side is the cut to go to with Glenn toughening things up in old GU style but combined with a flawless flute solos and scintillating keys.


5) Moses Boyd – Rye Lane Shuffle (Exodus) 12″

Tough drummer Moses from South East London delivered this jazz shuffler that was an instant success and laid the foundations for a promising 2017 with a new Binker and Moses album out soon.


4) The Mighty Zaf – Doin’ It (Moton) 12″

The Mighty one from the shop partnered edit kings Moton to release these three hot edits during 2017. The record just sold and sold and sold and then sold again. It’s very hot indeed.


3) Mary Clark – Take Me I’m Yours (La Shawn) 12″

This classic disco cut from Patrick Adams received an official re-press during 2016 and sold like hot cakes. this is a classic for sure.


2) Dego – Don’t Stop (Let It Go) (Neroli) 12″

Shop favorite Dego lays down his basketball every now and again to produce classics like this Neroli release. We stand and salute both for delivering this glorious modern day boogie anthem.


1) Wally Badarou – Back To Scales To-Night (Love Vinyl) LP

Sitting proudly at the top of the chart for 2016 is our inaugural LP originally released in 1980 by legend Wally Badarou. It may appear to be nepotism but this record was our clear number one seller for 2016. There’s loads lined up for the forthcoming year.