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Razz Ma Tazz

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Razz Ma Tazz


Product Description

Butch Williams one time member of The Heartbreakers and man behind the stunning modern soul 45 ‘Keep on loving me’. When The Heartbreakers disbanded he worked with several groups around Louisville including, Enterprise & Razz-Ma-Tazz though never released any record. But recordings were made. So a few years ago Dave Thorley got Mr. Williams on the hunt of a 1/4 tape that was thought to still survive. Butch had loaned it to some young guys in Lexington who said they would do something with it but this never happened. Butch searched high and low, all he had left was a badly recorded cassette, which was enough for us to be hooked, but not to use. After a year of searching the search was called off and the tape was assumed lost. Then all of a sudden the reels appear one year ago under the seats of Butch’s Jeep. It’s been sent to Dave and he sent the reels to us, we worked them out, we released it. This first coproduction Zanini/Thorley, played in and out of the country by Pat Bleasdale, Soul Sam, Dave, myself and a handful others, confirms being a terrific dancefloor bomb. Only suggestion I have is: Get Your Copy While You Can.

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A – On The Disco Floor



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