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New Stolen Hearts

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New Stolen Hearts


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Pre-order this excellent Japanese only 7″ release which Gilles Petterson played on his show recently. I’ll keep the original Japanese press release below

“Twilight City Records has been releasing mainly DJ Mix works. In the SNS etc., the project which was proceeding with the tag of #newproject finally lifted a ban! The memorable 1st release is … the super band which was releasing ultra authentic group groovy · northern · soul and was active and “Stormer & THE STOLEN HEARTS “Tomo Tomoyo’s” Stormer “band frontman, the members of the” You’re my special way “recording reunited, a new band was born as a result of a tag with Twilight City Records. Its name is … “NEW STOLEN HEARTS” It is a masterpiece created originally in the mission of finding out the world view and values ​​of the new soul music and telling Seoul to the future.

SIDE A is a crossover soul that Midtempo emotion raised up by Mr. Tetsuya “Stormer” Tamai for this project. It is a melody line of a gem, enough to soak in the reverberation after hearing it once. The latter half of the chorus and sorrowful hornwork are heard. The Hammond organ played by Mr. MZO (THE 3776 / Mountain Mocha Killimanjaro) that is featured is wrapped in a beautiful tone that unexpectedly closes his eyes.

SIDE B is a somewhat urban contemporary arrangement cover from the original songs to the danceable modern soul classics. Guitar cutting with impatient gimmicks dancing out instinctively from the intro, bass drum with outlined contours, chorus work singing beautifully and lovely. And, at the horn session which is hot as it is “essential” of this song, it is finished in exactly killer cover which can not keep pushing up the fist. It is no exaggeration to say that the catchy phrase of the rust is a new floor classic that nature and everyone will get intoxicated.

Both SIDE Positively double cheddar works full of euphoria even if you drop a needle on either side. I wish for NEW STOLEN HEARTS and Twilight City Records to continue living this song along with the lifestyle of all the music listeners and will deliver with full heart.”



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