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Marcello Napoletano

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Marcello Napoletano


Product Description

Neroli continue their pursuit of releasing top notch high quality music with this time Marcello Napoletano unleashing 4 masterpieces. The ‘Neroli Track’ bumps along with tuff beats sitting under a serious bassline that hits hard with an off kilter melody to keep us on our toes. Track 2 ‘Raw Toy’ is a heading nodding jam that lifts with a distorted cowbell for maximum effect. On the flip ‘Love Me’ is our pick from the EP with it’s moans and growns supplemented a filtered organ groove. The EP closes off with ‘Innamorato’ which is a jazz banger and a clanger. Neroli we salute you!

A1 – Neroli Track A2 – Raw Toy

B1 – Love Me B2 – Innamorato



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Dimensions 31 x 31 x 1 cm
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