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Larry Dixon

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Larry Dixon


Product Description

Our friends at Past Due have partnered with Chicago soulful legend Larry Dixon to release a pair of boxsets that pull together Larry’s great releases together between 1971-87 for the first time in two deluxe boxsets with design coming from Scottish disco legend Al Kent.


A1 – I’m So In Love A2 – Together A3 – Hey Girl A4 – Free Me

B1 – What I Am B2 – Body B3 – Show Me The Way B4 – Star Time

C1 – Can’t Price Love C2 – Make Up Your Mind C3 – Dance To The Beat C4 – Can’t Price Love (Instrumental)

D1 – Wait For Me D2 – The Only One D3 – Doing What Comes Naturally D4 – Wait For Me (Instrumental)

E1 (Larry Dixon Soulful Spades)  Next Time (Pt 1) E2 – The Only One E3 – Don’t Make You Dance E4 – Star Time E5 – You’re On Your Own

F1 (Charles Parks III & High Society Players) Space Caravan (Vocal) F2 (Charles Parks III & High Society Players) Groove All Night F3 – Fellings (Feel So Fine) F4 – Being With You F5 – (High Society Players) The Love We Had (Demo)

G1 (Chuk-A-Luck) Ready For Your Touch G2 – Love In Your Heart G3 – (Chuk-A-Luck) That Kind Of Love G4 – Love Has Come Back G5 – Saturday Night

H1 – (Chuk-A-Luck) Ready For Your Touch (Jerome Dub) H2 – Feelings (Feel So Fine) H3 – (Larry Dixon Soulful Spades)  Next Time (Pt 2) H4 – (Charles Parks III & High Society Players) Space Caravan H5 (Chuk-A-Luck) Ready For Your Touch (Instrumental)



Additional Information

Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 31 x 31 x 6 cm
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