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Grace Love & The Cannonballs

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Grace Love & The Cannonballs


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“We finally made it to finish the second record of this pair and I am very proud to announce that the first release of Grace Love on our tiny label will be out alongside Big Lee’s “Are You Ready” , which we already announced a few weeks ago. More or less a year now my good friend and truest soulful gal Nancy handed me over a Bell acetate of the late 60’s with 2 nice instrumental takes that in my opinion were just missing a voice to be really great. Ok a few things weren’t working perfectly in my mind, like for example the bell scales here and there and the tenor sax which I thought a baritono would work much better. That said, the horns structure was amazing and the thumping beats what at some point of the night makes you entering “the zone”, so we decided to completely REPLAY the take #2 of the acetate to tune it in on Grace’s voice changing those tiny things we didn’t like that much. Grace WROTE DOWN these nice lirycs and did some tenths of vocal takes. It came out what Cannonball Records strives to always give, a pure and transparent link between a glorious past and a future that could be even brighter in music if we walk its path clear and straight. However the original acetate instrumental take is firmly pressed on the flipside, just remastered for the purist. This way the overview of both sides of this record should give you the idea of its conception, its takin off and its landing as a project.” Cannonball Records

A – Rain

B – September In The Rain



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