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Al Dobson Jnr

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Al Dobson Jnr


Product Description

“Well here’s how it started
Heard you on the radio talkin’ ’bout rap
Sayin’ all that crap about how we sample
Given examples

Think we’ll let you get away with that?
You critizie our method of how we make records
You said, it wasn’t art, so now we’re gonna rip you apart
Stop, check it out my man”

Al Dobson Jnr rips apart the art of sampling and delivers a stunning collection of songs that resonate with soul. ‘Talking All That Jazz’ from Rye Lane, Peckham.

A1 – Garifuna A2 – Everybody (early version) A3 – Dunza Blues A4 – Maiysha A5 – Silvercrest A6 – Sensi Block A7 – South East Clicks

B1 – Work Together B2 – Rain Down B3 – Tiger Dunza B4 – Inner City Break B5 – The Circle B6 – Everyday B7 – Tomorrow B8 – Obeah



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